Patron Saint Anne

Icon of St. Anne

Feast day July 26th
Cannonized 1584

According to French tradition, Mary Magdalene, Lazarus, his sister Martha and other friends crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Marseilles, France to spread the word of Jesus' death and resurrection. Mary Magdalene is said to have brought St. Ann's remains with them.

The legend says St. Auspice buried Saint Ann's body in a cave (under the present church of St. Mary in Apt). When barbarians invaded the cave it was filled with debris and forgotten until it was dug out by minors six hundred years later during the reign of Charlemagne. Sailors and minors of France were very devoted to St. Ann. Their devotion spread throughout Europe and eventually to the New World.

It is said that St. Ann patron saint's relics were brought to Constantinople around 710 and remained in the church of St. Sophia until 1333. The head of St. Ann was stolen in 1510 and taken to Duren in Rheinland.

St. Ann is the Patron Saint of of Brittany with a miraculous picture venerated at Notre Dame d'Auray, Diocese of Vannes.

In Canada, she is the principal patron of the province of Quebec. Her feast day is celebrated at the shrine of St. Anne de Beaupre.

St. Anne is the Patron Saint of housewives, pregnant women, especially those in labor, cabinet makers and minors.

She is frequently represented in art. Leonardo Da Vinci, perhaps, painted the most memorable replica of St. Ann with the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus in1500.

A shrine to St. Ann was built near Quebec, Canada in 1658.
In 1905 the Passionists Priests and Brothers (of America) built a monastery in the mining area of Scranton, Pennsylvania over a coal mine. They dedicated their foundation to St. Ann. On Aug 15, 1911 the monastery was severely damaged by severe mine subsidence. The Passionists were forced to leave the monastery for a short time until repairs were made. On July 28, 1913 the monastery was against disturbed. It, in fact, began to slide down the hill. Immediate prayers asking for St. Ann's intercession were made and the next day it was discovered the 'slide' had settled beneath the monastery.

St Ann's Monastery Church was dedicated on April 2, 1929. Weekly novenas are made to St. Ann on every Monday. More than 10,000 attend the annual ten day St. Ann's Solemn Novena beginning July 17 and ending in her feast day July 26th.

Whose Patron is St. Anne?

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico
against poverty
Boschi Sant'Anna, Italy
Brittany, France
Saint Anne the patron saint of cabinetmakers
Ann the patron saint of Carpenters
Castelletto d'Erro, Italy
childless people
Corinaldo, Italy
Detroit, Michigan, archdiocese of
Saint Anne the patron Saint of Grandmothers
Saint Ann patron saint of grandparents
Anne the patron saint of homemakers
horse men
horse women
St. Ann the patron saint of housewives
ace makers
lace workers
lost articles
Marsaskala, Malta
Molo, Philippines
Anne patron saint of Mothers
Norwich, Connecticut, diocese of
Nueva Valencia, Philippines
old-clothes dealers
St Anne the patron of pregnancy
St. Ann patron saint of pregnant women
Quebec, Canada
Santa Ana Indian Pueblo Riders
San Joaquin, Philippines
Taos, New Mexico
Saint Anne patron saint of women in labor

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